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Why Doesn’t the Moon Spin? | Zen-Haven – Love Hope Courage

28 Mar

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Look at the moon at any time and — aside from the constantly changing phases that are caused by changing relative positions of the Earth, the moon and sun — it does indeed show us the same face, constantly. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s ‘non-rotation’ (from our perspective) comes from its interaction with the Earth.

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Supernova Defies Astronomical Theory

28 Mar

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A recently discovered supernova has left astronomers scratching their heads. It’s in the wrong cosmic neighborhood, and from the vantage point of conventiona…

Sepp Hasslberger‘s insight:

Mainstream cosmology doesn’t have a handle on the forces that power stars and planets, or on their structure. The “nuclear furnace” hypotesis for stars is deeply flawed, and so is the “molten iron core” model for planets.

Wal Thornhill’s electric universe model comes much closer to a workable theory of star formation and celestial mechanics.

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